UFCW Local 328 News

Important Message for All Local 328 Members with Dependents Covered Under the Interstate Health & Welfare Fund

FROM:  Timothy Melia, President

RE: Eligibility Audit of Eligible Dependents

The UFCW Interstate (Locals 328 and 1445), UFCW 371, UFCW 919, and UFCW 1459 Health and Welfare Funds (referred to as New England UFCW) have contracted with Secova, Inc. to conduct a Dependent Eligibility Audit to ensure that all dependents enrolled in our health plans are eligible for coverage.  If you are enrolled in the Interstate H&W Fund and cover a spouse and/or children on your benefits, this message pertains to you.

In early February, you will receive a mailing from Secova, Inc. with detailed instructions on what you must do to verify your dependents’ eligibility.  Even if you have previously provided this information to London Health, you must respond to this notice or your dependents will lose coverage and will not be eligible to receive COBRA.

If you have any questions or need assistance with completing the required documentation, please contact the Union Office at (401) 861-0300.