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Middleborough Bus Drivers Ranked Number One in the Country

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MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. – The bus drivers who get Middleborough Public Schools’ students to and from school every day have been ranked the best in the nation by their company.

The Middleborough drivers placed first out of the more than four-hundred First Student locations nationwide.  

The First Student Middleborough location earned the top spot in the following categories: no collisions, reduced idling, parts & maintenance, GPS health and no personal injuries. 

“I am very proud of this accomplishment and also proud to be the manager of such great drivers,” said Tracy Donahue, First Student Middleborough manager. “They all care about the service they provide and it shows.”

The Middleborough drivers ranked tenth last year, but wanted to be number one. The district said the drivers’ hard work and dedication in the past year paid off. 

“The Middleborough Public Schools’ administration, faculty, staff and students would like to thank all of our drivers for always putting the safety of our students first,” the district added. 

First Student is the largest provider of school bus services in the United States.



We are so proud of our members in Middleborough for ranking number one in the country! When hardworking bus drivers have a voice on the job, they are able to negotiate for a better life that benefits not only their families but also the communities they serve. Way to go!