UFCW Local 328 News

Stop & Shop Negotiations Update 2/11/16

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On February 10th, all five New England locals completed another round of bargaining with Stop & Shop. Bargaining has been going relatively slow up to this point with both sides being firm and stating their positions on key non-economic issues.

As of yesterday (February 10, 2016), both sides made substantial movement on language issues with tentative agreements being reached and both sides withdrawing language in an effort to move the process along. Because of this we were not only able to reject unwanted proposals from the Company but were able to successfully secure agreements on topics of interest to our members.

We have scheduled three dates for next week (February 16, 17 & 18). During these dates, economic proposals will be exchanged, and continued work will be done on completing the non-economic issues still on the table.

Even though I cannot give specific details about what has been agreed to until we have a completed package, know that the leadership as well as your committee, are working very hard in an effort to secure the best possible contract.

I will continue to keep you posted as this process continues. Stay strong, and stay together.

Remember, our unity is our strength and our strength is our unity.

In Solidarity,

Timothy Melia


UFCW Local 328