UFCW Local 328 News

Stop & Shop Negotiations Update

April 16, 2019

We wish we had a substantial update about what happened at negotiations today. But the truth is, while we did meet with the company, and some items were passed back and forth, very minimal progress was made. Unfortunately, there are still significant items on the table that the company is refusing to budge on – items that will affect many, if not most, of you.

What we can do, is provide you with some facts about what is still on the table. This is especially relevant because Stop & Shop has been running a misleading ad campaign and we want to make sure you have the latest information.

Stop & Shop claims there will be pay increases for all associates.

FACT: Their proposal increases many full and part-time workers’ weekly health care premiums by hundreds of dollars; phases out time-and-a-half pay on Sundays and holidays for current part-time workers; and eliminates premium pay entirely for new part-time workers.

Stop & Shop claims that health care with deductibles that wouldn’t change.

FACT: Their proposal doubles many of your out-of-pocket maximums; kicks off approximately 1,000 spouses currently covered by their family healthcare plan; increases many prescription copays; and increases out-of-pocket costs for ancillary dental and vision coverage.

Stop & Shop claims there will be increased contributions for the employee pension plans

FACT: Their proposal reduces monthly pension benefits for many workers, including many part-time workers, who would see their monthly pension benefits reduced by up to 72.2 percent.

Stop & Shop claims they want to get back to serving their customers and communities.

FACT: The company continues to drag out this process and refuses to provide financial information, that we are entitled to, to verify their claim that these cuts are necessary.

No ad campaign can fix the damage Stop & Shop has created for themselves. The only thing that they can do is work with us at the table towards an agreement that recognizes the value you and all of your co-workers add to the company.

So, let’s start sending Stop & Shop direct messages on Facebook and Twitter, and tell it’s time to move off these completely unreasonable cuts and start making real progress towards a fair contract.

Standing United,

Your UFCW Local Union Leadership