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TPP Fast Track Defeated in US House of Representatives

On June 12th, the controversial TPP Fast Track bill, which has faced fierce opposition from organized labor for months, was defeated in the United States House of Representatives. Following the vote, UFCW International President Marc Perrone released the following statement:

“This is a victory for hard-working men and women all across America. In the face of long odds, the American people sent a powerful message that their interests trump narrow political agendas and special interests.

Today, we saw elected leaders stand up and make clear that the failed promises of global trade agreements, which only seem to serve irresponsible corporations, must come to an end. More importantly, we have seen what hard-working families can accomplish when we stand together and fight for what is right for both workers and this nation.


With respect to TAA, we support a clean extension of the program, but the best way to help the jobless is to simply stop passing trade agreements like TPP that kill jobs.

While one vote does not end the fight, our campaign for a better America will continue full speed ahead until the threat of TPP and other unfair trade deals is gone for good.”

Meanwhile, Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, stated that the vote represented “a marvelous contrast to the corporate money and disillusionment that normally mark American politics today.” President Trumka noted that “this was truly democracy in action,” a reference to the countless volunteers and private citizens who took the time to contact their elected officials in order to voice their discontent about this bill. Local 328 would like to thank everyone who reached out to their representatives. The battle is far from over, but in the mean time, this victory is a clear indication of the power we wield when we come together.

Check out the video below to hear Senator Bernie Sanders discuss why it’s important to stop the TPP: