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UFCW President Perrone: TPP Battle Far From Over

The following is a press release from United Food and Commercial Workers International President Marc Perrone:

“Rest assured, the battle over TPP is far from over. President Obama and the supporters of fast track and the TPP want us to believe that this deal is worthy of our nation; it is not. Every hard-working family in this country deserves better than a corporate trade agreement put together in complete secrecy.

“If our elected leaders and the White House truly believe that the TPP is the right thing to do, however, they should respect the American people enough to make the full agreement public today. No more secrecy or backroom deals. UFCW members and all Americans deserve the truth. If the White House refuses to make TPP public, we must all demand it.

“It is no surprise that the American people have lost so much trust in our elected officials. Instead of promoting economic policies that are fair and just, they choose to pursue a trade agreement put together in secret, where even those voting for it, have little idea what’s in it or the impact it will have.

“America’s hard-working families deserve the truth. They deserve a totally transparent process. Let there be no mistake, the American people will hold any Member of Congress accountable who refuses to support their right to know, and every Member of Congress should do what is right and hold the White House accountable for refusing to tell all of us the truth about what’s in the TPP.

The UFCW will work nonstop to defeat fast track in the House.”

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