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A Message from UFCW International President Marc Perrone: Tell Presidential Candidates What Matters To You


Dear valued member,

Now that the 2016 Presidential election is in full swing, we want to make sure the campaigns know what issues matter most to our union family, and ask them how they are going to address those issues.

We are a diverse union family – racially, ethnically, and politically – and while we may not all share the same political beliefs or preference for candidates, it’s still important that every UFCW member has the opportunity to express their views about the issues they care about the most.

We are asking you to tell us what issues are your priority. We will submit them to the campaigns so that Clinton and Trump can address your concerns directly.

In April, many of you participated in a survey. You told us the following were your most important issues:


  •         Stronger Retirement Savings Programs
  •         Equal Pay
  •         Higher Education
  •         Paid Sick Time
  •         Minimum Wage
  •         Affordable Housing
  •         Health Care
  •         Scheduling


Has that changed? What needs to be included now? What else can we add? If you’ve got something to say, we want you to be heard. Use your voice to make the 2016 Presidential Candidates aware of the challenges you face every single day, and let them know what is on the minds of hard-working UFCW members. Let’s get Clinton and Trump to tell us directly where they stand.

Go to www.ufcwaction.org/voice between August 1st and August 12th to send us your comments. We will use your input to draft a letter and send it to both Presidential Candidates on August 17th.

We will post the responses from the campaigns to you on the UFCW Action site. To receive an alert when it’s posted, don’t forget to submit your contact information with your comment.

Whatever your political affiliation, you deserve to know how the candidates feel about your issues. Make your issues known in this election. Join our conversation.    

Thank you,


Marc Perrone

UFCW International President