Executive Board

Executive Board

The governing body of Local 328 is its Executive Board.  It is made up of all elected members who meet once a month at the union office.  The President and Secretary Treasurer serve as the Chair and Co-Chair, and members of the staff and membership from the different facilities make up the remainder of the Board. The Executive Board oversees the function of the Local and approves financial expenditures.

Below is a list of the Executive Board at UFCW Local 328:

Tim Melia (President)

Domenic Pontarelli (Secretary-Treasurer)

Tom Hutchinson (Executive Assistant to the President)

Joe Renzi (Recorder)

Joyce Babineau (Stop & Shop #493)

Patricia Boggia (Stop & Shop #726)

John Buswell (Stop & Shop #20)

Terry Carvalho (First Student  Middleboro)

Robert Collins (Stop & Shop #66)

Debra Dibiasio (Rhode Island Credit Union)

Patricia Dorchester (Stop & Shop #402)

Valerie Giblin (Stop & Shop ##2706)

Raymond Lemieux (Stop & Shop #718)

Alice Pasqual (Roger Williams University)

Michael Pietros (Stop & Shop #704)

Donald Pontarelli (Stop & Shop #443)

Judith Snarsky (Stop & Shop #87)

Richard Wright (Stop & Shop #64)

Jacquelyn Watson  (Stop & Shop #98)

Albert Garnett (Stop & Shop #475)

Bob Cerrato (UFCW Local 328)

Cyndie Estevao (UFCW Local 328)

Carlos Gonzalez (UFCW Local 328)

Mike Matias (UFCW Local 328)

Gina Osenkowski (UFCW Local 328)

Matthew Costa (UFCW Local 328)

Sam Marvin (UFCW Local 328)