UFCW Local 328 News

Announcing the UFCW Member Dial Focus Groups

Local 328 is excited to announce an opportunity for local 328 members to be part of the UFCW Member Dial Focus Groups. This focus group will be open to ALL Local 328 Rank and File Members. These focus groups will be Retail Food and Retail Non-Food only. This is open to both full and part-time local 328 members. We are looking for 5 individuals. YOU can participate! To be considered, contact UFCW Local 328 @ 1-800-624-7776 no later than Friday, June 24th 2016.


A. The Project’s Goal

a. The goal of the internal member listening project is to develop insights into what messaging and language is most effective with our members.

b. We will be conducting a series of member focus groups across the country to help develop the most effective messaging/language across Locals and Regions.


B. What We Will Do

·Each focus group would last approximately 3½ hours;

·Groups will utilize dial tests, written exercises, and extensive discussion.

·Each group will be held at a local research facility to ensure we can utilize our equipment, and film group reactions.

·Each member will be paid $175 for the entire group: 150 + $25 (for travel reimbursement/parking).

·Please Note: If a member cannot sit for 3 ½ hours, they should not be included for these initial groups.


·Arrival Time:

o We would need them to show up at least 15 minutes prior to the specified start time.

o Each group will start at 6 p.m., so respondents should arrive by 5:45 p.m.

D. Confirmations/ Facility Locations

a. Ideally, we would need a list of names/emails/phone numbers to follow up with the members

**Please note: Participants must arrive BY the designated start time.


Date: June 29

Time: 5:45pm arrival; Group will run until 9:30pm.

Location: Connecticut Connection – Hartford Research (the sign outside just says ‘Hartford Research’)

17 Talcott Notch Road

Farmington, CT 06032 The entrance to the building is on Talcott Forest Road.

Incentive: $175

To be considered, contact UFCW Local 328 @ 1-800-624-7776 no later than Friday, June 24th 2016.