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Community and Labor Allies Stand in Solidarity with Bob’s Tire Workers

On October 6th, the workers at Bob’s Tire (located at 55 Brook St, New Bedford, MA), gathered with community, clergy, political and labor allies in downtown New Bedford. Together they sent a powerful message to the company that they remain strong and united in their mission to secure a fair contract that reflects the hard work and dedication they bring to work every day. Last September, over 90% of the workers at Bob’s Tire voted to join UFCW Local 328 to secure better wages, benefits and working conditions.

Tomas Ventura, a long-term worker at Bob’s Tire and negotiating committee member said, “I have witnessed many of my coworkers get injured on the job. We formed our union to make Bob’s Tire a safer workplace and to negotiate for the benefits we deserve.”

While the UFCW is proud to have already secured improvements for the workers, Robert Bates, owner of Bob’s Tire, continues to put forward proposals that are unacceptable to the workers and their families. Most importantly, Bob’s Tire continues to be an unsafe and hazardous workplace where workers currently have no access to clean drinking water, sanitary bathrooms, safety equipment or training.

“With tonight’s display of solidarity, we have shown the power and strength that comes when community and labor allies unite. Our support for the workers at Bob’s Tire will not waver and we will continue to pressure the company until the workers have a fair contract and a safe workplace”, said Domenic Pontarelli, Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW Local 328.



To see photos from the event, click here.