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HIGH ALERT: Message From Your UFCW Stop & Shop Negotiation Coalition


****************** HIGH ALERT *******************



Brothers and Sisters:

We stand united in our goal of helping hard-working UFCW members like you build the better life you have earned and deserve. Stop & Shop workers like you are the backbone of not only our stores, but also our communities and local economies.

And it’s because of your hard work that Ahold Delhaize, the parent company of Stop & Shop and other stores, saw $74 billion in net sales last year. But despite this success— success due to you— Stop & Shop has made it clear at the negotiation table this year that they, the company, want more back from you, the workers, than ever before.

Ahold and Stop & Shop are aggressively trying to cut workers out of the conversation and budget. Their contract proposals are the most severe and damaging yet, and threaten workers’ wages, pensions, and health care. We have never seen this level of disregard and disrespect for workers in our many years of negotiations with Stop & Shop.

Because of this recent development, we also want to be very clear. We will not accept a contract that diminishes your benefits, your futures, or ignores your hard work– hard work that is vital to Stop & Shop’s current and future success. That is why our coalition of five UFCW Locals, representing over 30,000 Stop & Shop workers across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, has come together at the negotiation table to send a clear, unified message.

Let’s remind Stop & Shop and Ahold what a winning strategy is— investing in its workers and stores.

We ask that you talk to your coworkers, customers, family and friends. Tell them to remind Stop & Shop managers to invest in what has made them a multibillion-dollar, global enterprise— its workers. The hard-working people behind the counters, registers, and in the aisles providing outstanding customer service are what keep the doors open, customers coming back, and the profits rolling in. There is no billion-dollar profit margin without you.

We acknowledge and appreciate all that you do, and we remain committed to fighting for the wages and benefits you have earned and deserve. Negotiations are still underway, but we are unified at the table, in our message, and in our commitment to you.

In solidarity,

Your UFCW Negotiation Coalition


UFCW Local 328

Pres. Tim Melia


UFCW Local 371

Pres. Tom Wilkinson


UFCW Local 1445

Pres. Jeff Bollen


UFCW Local 1459

Pres. Tyrone Housey


UFCW Local 919

Pres. Mark Espinosa