Political Activism

Political Activism

It is very important for us all to fight for legislation that helps working families. There are special interest organizations that work hard at trying to take away workers’ rights to negotiate for a better life and we have to to stand up against them together. These same special interests dump tons of money into election races to support politicians who will do their bidding. That’s why voting for pro-worker candidates who pledge to fight for working families matters. 

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Minimum wage, paid sick time, and a host of other serious issues that directly affect the lives of workers are always making their way through our country’s legal system, with anti-worker politicians and wealthy donors constantly pushing to diminish the rights of working people in the name of higher profits. That is why UFCW Local 328 is encouraging you to become more involved with the issues that not only impact your working life, but the country at large. Below are voter registration forms for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Voting is the number one way to fight back against big money in politics, and to ensure that we are doing everything we can to maintain and improve the laws that impact us both at home and at work.

Massachusetts Voter Registration Form


Rhode Island Voter Registration Form


Connecticut Voter Registration


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