UFCW Local 328 News

Stop & Shop Negotiations Update

Good afternoon Local 328 brothers and sisters,

I just wanted to take a moment and say how extremely proud I was at the turnout yesterday for our strike vote meetings in Foxboro, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. With over 1500 people attending the three meetings, it was by far a greater number than we had anticipated.

I would also like to thank the people who, unfortunately, were stuck in traffic on Route 1 and were not able to make the meeting until after it had begun. From the bottom of my heart I want to say how very sorry I am and thank you for making the effort to attend and show your support for the process.

I want to thank the membership from Stop & Shop for your continued support and encouragement you have shown me as well as our committee.

We will be continuing bargaining this week, Wednesday and Thursday, at the Biltmore in Providence along with the other four New England Locals.

It is our hope that with all five locals having the ability to strike, the Company will move off of their unrealistic proposals and work toward reaching an agreement that will protect the wages, health care, and retirement security of their employees.

I will continue to keep you updated as to any progress, or lack thereof, we make during this week’s bargaining.

I ask for your continued patience and trust in this leadership and understand that we are working to advance you the best contract possible.

“Our Unity is Our Strength, and Our Strength is Our Unity”

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Timothy Melia