UFCW Local 328 News

Stop & Shop Negotiations Update 3/1/16

Brothers and Sisters:

Our bargaining committee has brought the same strong work ethic to the table that you bring to the shop floor. We have made ourselves available at the bargaining table around the clock with the expectation that the company would engage with us on the issues.

Unfortunately, little progress has been made. The company, after stalling all afternoon, finally gave the union a proposal with some slight modifications late this evening, but many issues important to the members remain on the table. The proposal the company presented the five local unions with is detailed and complicated. This proposal includes complex calculations regarding the Health & Welfare structure which are very confusing. The five local unions will be meeting amongst themselves tomorrow to digest the numbers and craft a response, and we will be diligent in our responsibility to thoroughly vet their proposal.

We are holding fast to our commitment to you: we will not accept a contract that diminishes your benefits, your futures, or ignores your hard work. We will continue to work with federal mediators to try to make the company listen and bargain fairly.

Stand with your brothers and sisters in your store. Talk to your customers and let them know what Stop & Shop is trying to do to your family. Our solidarity is our strength.