UFCW Local 328 News

Stop & Shop Negotiations Update 3/18/16

Good evening Brothers and Sisters,

I just wanted to report that after meeting this week with your employer, progress is beginning to be made. All five locals continue to meet and discuss open issues involving pension, wages, and health and welfare in an effort to close them out.

The rallies that were held this past week were very successful, and continues to send the company the message to do the right thing and negotiate a fair deal. Next week the rallies will continue on March 22nd at the Stop & Shop in Norwalk, CT with Local 371, March 23rd at the Stop & Shop in East Hartford, CT with Local 919 and March 24th at the Stop & Shop in Holyoke, MA with Local 1459.

We will continue to negotiate through Saturday to work towards a conclusion. Continue to view our website and Facebook pages for updates and announcements.

I ask that you to go to work and continue to do the great work which has made Stop & Shop the success that they are.

Remember: “Our Strength is our Unity, and our Unity is our Strength”

I continue to be,

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Timothy Melia