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Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Timeline by State


If you are a grocery store worker, bus driver, or a cafeteria worker in Massachusetts, you will be eligible to sign up for a vaccine beginning next week.

Other eligible groups include:

  • Restaurant or cafe workers
  • Food meatpacking, beverage, agriculture, consumer goods, retail, or food service workers
  • Grocery and convenience store workers
  • Food pantry workers or volunteers
  • Medical supply chain workers
  • Vaccine development workers
  • Transit/transportation workers

For more information and to find a vaccine provider near you, visit: https://www.mass.gov/…/covid-19-vaccinations-for…

Rhode Island

People are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination in Rhode Island based on Rhode Island’s vaccination timeline and if they live, work, or go to school in Rhode Island. To get vaccinated, you must confirm you are part of an eligible group, either online or over the phone when booking.

Current eligible groups include:

Hospital employees
Mass vaccination volunteers and staff
Medical staff, high-risk correctional officers, high-risk incarcerated persons
Residents of Central Falls (pilot for hard-hit
Nursing home staff and residents
Community health center staff
Respiratory care and urgent care clinic staff
Other frontline workers (State Lab, OSME,
nursing home surveyors)
Laboratories doing COVID-19 testing
College health services (COVID-19 specimen collectors)
Harm reduction staff
Patient-facing clinical students
Alternate hospital location frontline staff
Group homes for individuals primarily 65 and older, assisted living, elderly housing
with residential services
DCYF High-Risk Congregate Setting Staff
Targeted Group Home Staff and Residents
Rhode Island Blood Center
Outpatient providers
Blood, organ, and tissue donation providers
Community and Family Caregivers
Other congregate living staff
Providers of direct home services for health, safety, and developmental needs
Morticians, funeral home staff, and other death care professionals
Adults age 75 or older
People experiencing homelessness
Adults age 65 or older
Teachers, school staff, and child care workers
Adults age 60-64
Adults age 16-64 with underlying medical conditions

For more information and to find a vaccine provider near you, visit: https://covid.ri.gov/vaccination

For a continued updated list of groups eligible for the vaccine, visit: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rcqXfFqnv1o6AFZe1zczfkRvI6cL3-6uNrgP91da3gA/edit#gid=0


For more information on the eligibility phases in Connecticut and to find a vaccine provider near you, visit: https://portal.ct.gov/Vaccine-Portal